1. What are your rates?
The Treatment Room Studio is $400 a day, first engineers are an additional $200/$250 (although a few are more, please ask) a day. These prices are inclusive, the only additional cost will be overtime for your engineer (if you go over), and tape. A day is 8 hours, please ask your engineer about overtime before your session starts. We don’t have a card rate (i.e., a higher rate for labels and wealthy clients), and we don’t discount time. Floating fees and improvised pricing have alienated musicians from recording studios.

Outside engineers are very welcome, but you’ll need a second engineer ($100 a day) for some of your booking.

2. How do I get there?
We are located in Montreal’s Mile-End district. Here’s a Google map to get you on your way. The street address is 6210 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2S 3C2.

3. Where do I send the $ for deposits?
To confirm days on our overworked calendar, we need to get a $100 deposit (payable to The Treatment Room) for each day booked. Days can’t be confirmed until receipt of cash unless prior arrangements are made. Please send to:

Gilles Castilloux
218 Bernard West
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 2K4

Paypal is also fine as well, please remember to send the money as a gift so they don’t skim 3%. If you use a credit card with Paypal, you’ll have to add 3% as they will not allow you to gift. My account is geecast@yahoo.com

4. What’s the cancellation policy?
After you confirm days with a deposit, we need three calendar months notice to release days without penalty. If you cancel days within three calendar months you will lose your entire deposit. Tough love!

5. Where do I get tape? And what kind should I get?

New tape: Both ATR Magnetics, and RMG Products are available in 2″, 1″, 1/2″, and 1/4″ formats. Please ask your engineer about prices, brand preferences and quantity, and remember to call ahead if you’re starting on the weekend.

Used tape: One-pass tape is available in 2″ format. Please ask your engineer about prices, brand preferences and quantity.

6. Who is responsible for piano tuning?
The client is solely responsible for piano tuning. It’s frequently moved and treated, both of which knock it out of tune. We’ll gladly have you in a few days before your session to check the tuning. If the piano is central to your project, we strongly encourage you to book the tuner for the day of your session (he’s around $80).

7. Where should I stay if I’m from out of town?
There is only one place that makes sense for people on a budget: Pensione Popolo. The hotel itself is divided into four rooms, each offering a little something different at very affordable prices. Rooms range from $40-$75. Plus, the location is perfect; it’s a 15 minute walk from The Treatment Room.

8. What else should I know?
• Questions about the session, start time, preproduction, etc., will be handled by your engineer.
• There are unlimited options for food in the area, including many who will deliver.
• Making records is not easy; I’ve been there and I want to make your experience here productive and meaningful. If you have any problems/concerns please contact me directly. Thanks.